Inspired Writings

Inspired Writings

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A True Hero

What is a true hero?

Someone who accepts money,
Someone who wants glory,
Someone who asks of others in return,
Someone who would die for fame.

Are people like them truly heroes,
Are people like them worthy of praise,
Are you sure they did it for good,
Are you sure you weren’t saved for fame,
Are you a pawn in someone’s personal gain.

What is a real hero then?

Someone who risks their life for yours,
Someone who declines something of monetary value,
Someone who has a family to care for,
Someone who’d die to give someone else a chance.

What of those families who have lost a loved one,
Those who have lost a partner because they were selfless,
Those who have lost a father because they were selfless,
Those who have lost a son, a sibling, a friend, because they wanted to help others,
Those who cry themselves to sleep at night wishing they were safe in their loved ones arms.

What of those who patrol the highways and streets at night,
What inside of them compels them so much, to risk their own life,
What inside them drives them to protect others from the criminals and terrorists,
Why do they serve those less fortunate, less educated, and ungrateful.

Why wouldn’t they?

They step up to defend our rights,
They stand up for our freedom,
They save our lives and save us,
They ask for nothing in return,
You know they are a true hero.

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