Inspired Writings

Inspired Writings

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Pain of Our Love

I stand here,
alone in my darkness.

Tormented by my pain,
Brought to tears by my love of you.

Separated by so many miles,
How we long to hold one another,
How I long to kiss so deeply.

You cry out my name and reach out for me in your dreams,
I cry out your name and reach out for you in my dreams,
Our days out of touch truly seem like weeks,
Just as our weeks out of touch seem like months.

You long to hold me close to you,
You would never dream to let me go,
I long to hold you close to me too,
I would never dream to let you go.

A bond so strong that it can not be broken,
A love so strong it can not be shattered,
Our love so true we will not be torn apart,
Somewhere we shall meet and become one.

Our pain, our suffering shall soon be no more,
Our hearts will combine into one,
Our pain will turn to joy when we come together,
We will be happy,
Finally able to love and hold one another.

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