Inspired Writings

Inspired Writings

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Losing My Grip

I can’t help but feel that I’m losing my grip,
I’ve held onto you for so long,
Yet from the start I felt as though you were slipping away.

I took time away from you,
Time to myself, to think,
I thought I could keep moving on,
I made a decision that almost hurt me badly.

I came back, into your loving arms,
Back to the fear of losing you,
It feels inevitable to me, I will lose you no matter what,
I hold on still, hoping to keep you by me,
Wishing that you wont go.

I struggle to stay optimistic and keep an open mind,
But still the walls seem to close in on me,
I know it would hurt to lose you for good,
As I know how hard it would be to go on without you.

I feel like I’m losing my grip,
And still I hold on,
I know I could lose you,
But I hold onto every shred of hope in me,
That says to me, I will never be without you.

I feel like I’m losing my grip,
But still I hold onto you.

The Changing Within Us

We tell ourselves, we will never change,
We'll always be who we are now,
We'll always be the same.

Though we may not see it ourselves,
or perhapse we see it too late to save us,
we change, willing or unwilling.

All of us are vulnerable to it,
we begin to alienate ourselves,
we blame others we care about,
when they say that we are not the same.

We can ruin so much when we let this happen,
when we let go of the rains of our lives,
We ruin our lives,
We hurt our friends,
we hurt our loved ones.

Will we truly never change?

No, we will if we do not take our own lives back,
if we do no make a point to help ourselves.

Pay close attention to you,
and who you are inside,
less you want to loose yourself,
your friends,
and your loved ones.

Going too Fast

Going to fast,
It’s so common,
Everyone does it,
No one slows down anymore,
Rushing through the day,
Speeding to work and back,
Hardly paying attention to events in your life.

Your birthday,
Your anneversary,
gone by like a bullet.

Working on Christmas Eve,
Working on Thanksgiving day,
Working through hollidays,
You pace yourself so fast.

It’s not your fault right,
Everyone is doing it,
It’s just how society goes,
Fast and irritable.

It never hits you,
Not until it’s too late,
You’ve gone so fast,
You’ve missed so much.

Kids off to college,
You’re retired,
You never even know,
Not until it’s too late.

You should have slowed down,
You were going too fast.

Love You in the Storm

The darkness settles down,
A dark and cloudy night,
there is only one source of light,
Even in darkness I love you like no other.

Though lightning flashes,
And hail pounds down,
Or rain pelts against the windows,
I can drown it all away.

The light, The center of my life,
My guiding light,
Even in the darkest dark,
Is only you.

The storm my rage,
The weather may be frightful,
And the seas may be raging,
I will love you in the storm.

No storm,
No weather,
No disaster,
Can stop me from loving you.

I’ll Love you in the Storm.

While I Lie Awake

While I lie awake at night,
I can only think of you,
I can only dream of you,
When I fall Asleep.

I go through the day,
Can’t go without you,
I see you every minute,
I think of you always.

While I lie awake,
Alone in my bed,
I imagine being with you,
I can hold you close,
I can keep you in my arms,
While I lie awake.

While I lie awake,
I can’t get you off my mind,
Why wouldn’t I ever want you,
In my mind all the time.

While I think of you,
During the day,
During the night,
When I’m awake,
Or when I’m asleep,
I always think of you.


What is happiness,
Is it money,
Is it fame,
Or is it something more?

Does an extra car to drive around in make you happy,
Or is it the ability to show it off to your friends,
Does the money to have a private jet fill you with joy,
Or is it the right to brag about it to others?

What do you get from money,
Social Standing,
A bigger house,
That corner office,
A trophy family to flaunt,
Is this happiness?

What is happiness,
Is it love,
Is it family,
Or is it something less?

Does a partner to cherish fill you with joy,
Does being away from them cause you to cry,
Does your family give you a reason to go on,
do you feel lighter when you’re with your kids,
Do you feel low when you can’t see them.

So many people choose the first,
So few people choose the last,
A oratorical question,
A legitimate one too.

Which would you rather go down?

Trapped on the Line

Trapped on the line,
You could go left,
You could go right,
You don’t want to.

You want to stay there,
You like the middle,
You don’t belong to only one,
The other coax you, attempt to win.

Looking left, Looking right,
You’re dizzy,
You’re confused.

They tell you to decide,
They’ll force it on you,
They pressure you relentlessly,
Finally you’ll give, you’ll break.

Then you fall,
You remember your choice,
When you stand up, you’re mind is made up,
Dust yourself off, and walk straight down the line.

Trapped on the line,
It’s your own decision,
Set an example, be a mentor,
You have beaten all the rest.

The Pain of Our Love

I stand here,
alone in my darkness.

Tormented by my pain,
Brought to tears by my love of you.

Separated by so many miles,
How we long to hold one another,
How I long to kiss so deeply.

You cry out my name and reach out for me in your dreams,
I cry out your name and reach out for you in my dreams,
Our days out of touch truly seem like weeks,
Just as our weeks out of touch seem like months.

You long to hold me close to you,
You would never dream to let me go,
I long to hold you close to me too,
I would never dream to let you go.

A bond so strong that it can not be broken,
A love so strong it can not be shattered,
Our love so true we will not be torn apart,
Somewhere we shall meet and become one.

Our pain, our suffering shall soon be no more,
Our hearts will combine into one,
Our pain will turn to joy when we come together,
We will be happy,
Finally able to love and hold one another.

Longing for You

A cloudless sky,
A gorgeous view,
The mountain views,
Happiness surrounds me,
Why don’t I feel it too.

Not a fence in sight,
Not a boundary to find,
This limitless flowing landscape,
This rocky mountain retreat,
Fun surrounds me but leaves me out.

So many things I could do,
So few limitations but my own,
Why don’t I feel this,
What stands in my way.

I miss the sound of your voice,
The comfort you offer me in my dark times.
Without you I am nothing,
Without you I am lonely,
I never want to let you go.

I never want to miss you again.

Cheating for Gain

Cheating for gain,
Cheating for an upper hand,
Cheating to soar above the rest,
Cheating to look down on the rest,
Cheating to live a life of luxury.

A life of lies,
A life of cries,
Help me to escape,
Escape this lie,
Escape my life.

No way out now,
No way back now,
Don’t look back,
Don’t go back.

If you fall what of those you pushed down,
Those you used to get to where you are now,
They lie in wait for you, ready to take your place on top,
Watch all you cheated for go to waste before your eyes,
The walls fall in around you, the depression will set in,
You’re stuck, no way back, you can’t undo what you’ve done.

You begin to wonder,
You begin the ponder,
Was it worth it,
Why did I do it.

I’m lost,
I’m alone.

Love and Pain

I thought you cared,
I thought I was yours,
I thought you loved me.

I cared for you,
I wanted to be yours,
I loved you deeply,
If only in a virtual world.

I went away,
Like a soldier to war,
I came back, and you no longer cared,
I saw that he meant more to you than I did,
I turned away and walked home,
Only to find my home gone.

Our home gone, our land owned by another.

All I ever wanted was your love,
All I ever needed was your love,
All I thought you wanted was my love,
All I thought you needed was my love.

You turned your back on me, while I wasn’t looking,
You went with another, one who does for you what I always did,
You ripped my heart out and threw it to the ground,
You left me wounded destroyed my fragile state,
You left me out in the cold.

I don’t care, I can get back on my feet,
I don’t care, I see a new side to you now,
I don’t care, the pain is almost unbearable,
I don’t care, you didn’t care,
I don’t care, I will move on,
I don’t care, I ignore the pain.

I just don’t care, how much it hurts,
I just don’t care, anymore.

You hurt me,
You made me feel secure and loved,
When push came to shove,
you hurt me,
I just don’t care,
I will move on.

A Love so True

A love so true,
Could it be true,
Could it truly be,
Could That be the one?

My life, always so empty,
My life, always lonely,
My life, full of pain,
My life, an empty glass,
Could you fill it?

Did I find the one,
Did I find that love,
Do you really want me,
Do you really love me?

Would you cuddle with me by the fire,
Would you kiss and hug me after a hard days work,
Would you let me be your comfort as well,
Would you let me be your one and only?

I remain true to you as you do to me,
I would provide for the family you give me,
I would return your love,
I would love you through all,
This is a love so true.

An Escape From Reality

An escape from reality,
An escape from the truth,
An escape from the pain,
An escape from your issues,
An escape from everyone’s issues.

A way to run away,
A way to hide from your emotions,
A way to deal with your problems another time,
A way for others to cloud our minds,
A way to lie and hide the truth.

A way to forget about the world,
To forget about what’s going on outside,
To forget those who are suffering,
To forget those who are dying
To shut out the truth and everyday.

To forget those who fight for our rights,
To forget about those who save lives,
Why do some choose to forget them,
Why do some choose to hate them,
Why do some choose not to care.

Do you know the truth,
Do you care about the truth,
Do you watch the news,
Do you read the paper,
Or, do you listen to shows.

You listen to lies,
Opinionated back and fourth arguments,
Why let those around thaw your conclusions,
Why let those around cloud your mind,
Learn for yourself, find the truth within,
End the escape, the mindless disagreements,
End the escape, it only causes pain.

A True Hero

What is a true hero?

Someone who accepts money,
Someone who wants glory,
Someone who asks of others in return,
Someone who would die for fame.

Are people like them truly heroes,
Are people like them worthy of praise,
Are you sure they did it for good,
Are you sure you weren’t saved for fame,
Are you a pawn in someone’s personal gain.

What is a real hero then?

Someone who risks their life for yours,
Someone who declines something of monetary value,
Someone who has a family to care for,
Someone who’d die to give someone else a chance.

What of those families who have lost a loved one,
Those who have lost a partner because they were selfless,
Those who have lost a father because they were selfless,
Those who have lost a son, a sibling, a friend, because they wanted to help others,
Those who cry themselves to sleep at night wishing they were safe in their loved ones arms.

What of those who patrol the highways and streets at night,
What inside of them compels them so much, to risk their own life,
What inside them drives them to protect others from the criminals and terrorists,
Why do they serve those less fortunate, less educated, and ungrateful.

Why wouldn’t they?

They step up to defend our rights,
They stand up for our freedom,
They save our lives and save us,
They ask for nothing in return,
You know they are a true hero.

A Better Life

Look around and what do you see,
Look for the mountains, where could they be,
Look for the fields, where could they be,
Look for the stars, where could they be,
Look and long, and never see.

Look around and see the houses,
Look around and see the highways,
Look around and see the skyscrapers,
Look around and see the city,
Look around and see the smog, the trash,
Look around and always see.

You long for that simpler side of life,
You long to have everything the land can offer,
You long to know your neighbors,
You long to raise your children somewhere safe,
You long for somewhere to grow old and live happily.

A tractor spurs an idea,
A barn kicks off a dream,
A plot of land lights a fire,
A love of life and living,
becomes that reality.

A simpler life of joy and freedom,
A simpler life of togetherness and love,
A simpler life of caring for your family,
A simper life.

A simpler life that few choose to live, and love.

Fighting Back

I will fight back,
I will overcome,
I will defeat my emotions,
No, I won’t let them tear me apart,
No, I won’t let them pull me under.

Why do I continue this fight,
From which there is no visible escape,
This fight that so many take,
This fight that so many lose?

A fight where only the determined can win,
A fight that I can win,
A fight that I will win,
A fight that I am determined to walk away from,
A fight, that I am sure can’t destroy me.

I have all I shall ever need,
I have the strength,
I have the goal,
I have the determination,
I don’t have the one.

I don’t have the one,
Who will be there to pick me back up,
To help me along the path to victory,
Who will be there for me through it all,
That one, who I will come through for when I’m needed

A Past to Remember

A past of pain, a past of gain,
A past of hurt and sorrow,
A past where I believed I had it all,
A past to look back on,
A past to remember?

When I see it all before me,
When I see it in my dreams,
When I see it, do I dare go back,
Do I dare go back to that painful past?

A past of good friends,
A past of loved ones,
A past where I was cared for,
A past of wonderful joy,
A past to remember?

Would I go back to those memories,
So cold, so warm, so great,
So painful, so healing, so joyous,
Do I dare remember,
Do I dare return.

If I had the chance,
If I was given the choice,
Would I return?