Inspired Writings

Inspired Writings

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


What is happiness,
Is it money,
Is it fame,
Or is it something more?

Does an extra car to drive around in make you happy,
Or is it the ability to show it off to your friends,
Does the money to have a private jet fill you with joy,
Or is it the right to brag about it to others?

What do you get from money,
Social Standing,
A bigger house,
That corner office,
A trophy family to flaunt,
Is this happiness?

What is happiness,
Is it love,
Is it family,
Or is it something less?

Does a partner to cherish fill you with joy,
Does being away from them cause you to cry,
Does your family give you a reason to go on,
do you feel lighter when you’re with your kids,
Do you feel low when you can’t see them.

So many people choose the first,
So few people choose the last,
A oratorical question,
A legitimate one too.

Which would you rather go down?

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