Inspired Writings

Inspired Writings

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Love and Pain

I thought you cared,
I thought I was yours,
I thought you loved me.

I cared for you,
I wanted to be yours,
I loved you deeply,
If only in a virtual world.

I went away,
Like a soldier to war,
I came back, and you no longer cared,
I saw that he meant more to you than I did,
I turned away and walked home,
Only to find my home gone.

Our home gone, our land owned by another.

All I ever wanted was your love,
All I ever needed was your love,
All I thought you wanted was my love,
All I thought you needed was my love.

You turned your back on me, while I wasn’t looking,
You went with another, one who does for you what I always did,
You ripped my heart out and threw it to the ground,
You left me wounded destroyed my fragile state,
You left me out in the cold.

I don’t care, I can get back on my feet,
I don’t care, I see a new side to you now,
I don’t care, the pain is almost unbearable,
I don’t care, you didn’t care,
I don’t care, I will move on,
I don’t care, I ignore the pain.

I just don’t care, how much it hurts,
I just don’t care, anymore.

You hurt me,
You made me feel secure and loved,
When push came to shove,
you hurt me,
I just don’t care,
I will move on.

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