Inspired Writings

Inspired Writings

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Escape From Reality

An escape from reality,
An escape from the truth,
An escape from the pain,
An escape from your issues,
An escape from everyone’s issues.

A way to run away,
A way to hide from your emotions,
A way to deal with your problems another time,
A way for others to cloud our minds,
A way to lie and hide the truth.

A way to forget about the world,
To forget about what’s going on outside,
To forget those who are suffering,
To forget those who are dying
To shut out the truth and everyday.

To forget those who fight for our rights,
To forget about those who save lives,
Why do some choose to forget them,
Why do some choose to hate them,
Why do some choose not to care.

Do you know the truth,
Do you care about the truth,
Do you watch the news,
Do you read the paper,
Or, do you listen to shows.

You listen to lies,
Opinionated back and fourth arguments,
Why let those around thaw your conclusions,
Why let those around cloud your mind,
Learn for yourself, find the truth within,
End the escape, the mindless disagreements,
End the escape, it only causes pain.

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