Inspired Writings

Inspired Writings

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Changing Within Us

We tell ourselves, we will never change,
We'll always be who we are now,
We'll always be the same.

Though we may not see it ourselves,
or perhapse we see it too late to save us,
we change, willing or unwilling.

All of us are vulnerable to it,
we begin to alienate ourselves,
we blame others we care about,
when they say that we are not the same.

We can ruin so much when we let this happen,
when we let go of the rains of our lives,
We ruin our lives,
We hurt our friends,
we hurt our loved ones.

Will we truly never change?

No, we will if we do not take our own lives back,
if we do no make a point to help ourselves.

Pay close attention to you,
and who you are inside,
less you want to loose yourself,
your friends,
and your loved ones.

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