Inspired Writings

Inspired Writings

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trapped on the Line

Trapped on the line,
You could go left,
You could go right,
You don’t want to.

You want to stay there,
You like the middle,
You don’t belong to only one,
The other coax you, attempt to win.

Looking left, Looking right,
You’re dizzy,
You’re confused.

They tell you to decide,
They’ll force it on you,
They pressure you relentlessly,
Finally you’ll give, you’ll break.

Then you fall,
You remember your choice,
When you stand up, you’re mind is made up,
Dust yourself off, and walk straight down the line.

Trapped on the line,
It’s your own decision,
Set an example, be a mentor,
You have beaten all the rest.

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