Inspired Writings

Inspired Writings

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cheating for Gain

Cheating for gain,
Cheating for an upper hand,
Cheating to soar above the rest,
Cheating to look down on the rest,
Cheating to live a life of luxury.

A life of lies,
A life of cries,
Help me to escape,
Escape this lie,
Escape my life.

No way out now,
No way back now,
Don’t look back,
Don’t go back.

If you fall what of those you pushed down,
Those you used to get to where you are now,
They lie in wait for you, ready to take your place on top,
Watch all you cheated for go to waste before your eyes,
The walls fall in around you, the depression will set in,
You’re stuck, no way back, you can’t undo what you’ve done.

You begin to wonder,
You begin the ponder,
Was it worth it,
Why did I do it.

I’m lost,
I’m alone.

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