Inspired Writings

Inspired Writings

Friday, May 9, 2008

Still Burning

The Pain you Left,
Still burning inside.

I think about you,
More often than I would like.

You threw me away,
like I was a piece of trash,
You never looked back,
Never asked what happened.

You turned away from me,
and like a loyal dog I stayed.
Too dependent to move forward,
Too scared of rejection to look to someone else.

I sit and wait, and remember those days,
It's all I have left of my life back then,
I want someone to help me, to save me from myself,
But I still do not look for it, I keep to myself, alone.

Memories spoil in the dump of my mind,
Yet yours remains vivid and fresh.
I can try to ignore it,
I can try to forget it's presence.

All attempts fail miserably,
Like a poisoned apple I want to take a taste,
But if I do I will be worse off than before.

I'm frozen in my tracks,
unable to keep moving.

The pain you left,
Still burns inside,
but unlike you, I can't throw it away.

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